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High quality music box (Black) contains 1 handpicked preserved rose | Roses that last for years

Our highly requested Glass Music Box are finally here to stay! Featuring Pachelbel’s timeless and iconic Canon D melody, this box will delight any recipient and leave them overcome with gratitude and happiness the moment the music begins to softly play. With a single perfect rose delicately displayed within the capsule, this box might be petite in size at just 9 inches tall by 3.75 inches wide, but it sure does unleash a whimsical and sophisticated fantasy! And with the rose preserved to last at least 1 full year, you can rest assured that this box will truly make a wonderful addition to your recipient’s home or office that they will enjoy for many months to come. 

Please Note: Included Love Letter (Greeting Card) offers up to 150 characters for the perfect custom message. 

What is Preserved Flower?

Our eternity roses defy time due to a Japanese Flower Preservation Technology that helps them maintain their fresh, natural, and soft appearance for 1 to 3 years! Appearing freshly cut, our preserved flowers are the ultimate luxury gift and require essentially no maintenance, meaning you can forget about fussing over sunlight and water. Featuring real roses that last over a year, our box is guaranteed to elicit feelings of joy long after it has been received.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Juan Martinez
Amazing Gift.

I got the Music Box for my Girlfriend for valentines and when I opened it to look at it I was blown away by its beauty. I wanted to keep it for myself.

George hogue doubler
On time delivery

My daughter’s music box was beautiful and delivered on time!

Priyanka Shoor
Gorgeous and artistic, this piece is one of a kind and brings joy to anyone who sees it.

It definitely makes a statement; the kind that inspires you to live more gently and kindly, remembering your true nature. I hope many others discover your beautiful creations, they carry happiness with them.

my girlfriend is happy with the product

Perfect gift. My girlfriend references it almost monthly.

Ritesh sardar
The box come with it so modern

the flowers were beautiful! love them

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