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High quality keepsake box contains 17 handpicked preserved roses | Roses that last for years

The most luxurious and generous display of your love and adoration, our 3D Acrylic Heart Rose Box features 17 handpicked and specially preserved roses that are bound to impress and leave any recipient totally speechless! This arrangement helps to commemorate life’s most special moments and makes any holiday, birthday, or anniversary feel even more special with its tasteful display of premium roses that will last at least 1 year and up to 3 years. If you’re looking to really “WOW” someone special, look no further than our impressive Acrylic Heart Rose Box.

 Please Note: Included Love Letter (Greeting Card) offers up to 150 characters for the perfect custom message.

What is Preserved Flower?

Our eternity roses defy time due to a Japanese Flower Preservation Technology that helps them maintain their fresh, natural, and soft appearance for 1 to 3 years! Appearing freshly cut, our preserved flowers are the ultimate luxury gift and require essentially no maintenance, meaning you can forget about fussing over sunlight and water. Featuring real roses that last over a year, our box is guaranteed to elicit feelings of joy long after it has been received.


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Customer Reviews

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This design is unique

Very nice packing , it’s amazing and beautiful! My wife loves it

Better! Nicer!

I am so glad I bought this item, it was larger and more beautiful than most branded sites. Loved it!


An elegant and delicate piece, perfectly came in time before my birthday 🖤

Thanks for getting it here super fast.

Absolutely beautiful! I got this as a BIRTHDAY gift. It was worth it and I just cant explain how gorgeous the petals are.


These are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for, and I’m so happy with how they turned out!! They’re meant to last about 3 years but I keep them in a dark area on my nightstand so that they will last longer. The color is so vibrant and not an ugly yellow gold at all, it’s very pure looking! They look as though they’ve been delicately dipped in real gold. I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you!!

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