Real Rosesthat last for years

High quality Matt Finished keepsake box contains 25 handpicked preserved roses | Roses that last for years

The Medium Square Roses Box shows extended love from you. The Eternity Roses are arranged in our high quality clear top square box measuring 8.75 inches wide and 5.25 inches tall. The Medium Square Rose Box contains 25 of our handpicked beautiful roses. Package also comes with our special custom made Love Letter / greeting card. Complimentary printed custom note limited to 150 letters.

 What is Preserved Flower?

Flowers usually last a week, but with an innovative Japanese flower preservation technology, it allows flowers to maintain a completely natural appearance and softness, as if they were freshly-cut flowers! Our preserved flowers last at least one year and up to three years, it is a virtually maintenance free decorative solution. Yes! No water or sun needed!


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