Luxury Flower ArrangementA Gift That Will Last

High quality Velvet finished keepsake box contains 7-8 handpicked preserved roses | Roses that last for years

Forget about boring and outdated bouquet styles! With our eternity roses in the Small Velvet Roses, you can take chic gift giving to the next level with a gorgeous flower box that transforms any office, kitchen, parlor, or bedroom into a trendy and sophisticated sanctuary! Featuring a luxurious velvet box and eye catching gold metallic detailing, this rounded floral arrangement stuns with 7-8 perfectly preserved roses that last an entire year at minimum! These preserved roses will elicit countless smiles and feelings of gratitude each and every time you see them. The perfect gift for any celebratory occasion without being too over the top, this floral arrangement will not only captivate eyes and melt hearts, but also simultaneously solidify you as one sophisticated and thoughtful gift giver.

Please Note: Included Love Letter (Greeting Card) offers up to 150 characters for the perfect custom message.

What is Preserved Flower?

Our eternity roses defy time due to a Japanese Flower Preservation Technology that helps them maintain their fresh, natural, and soft appearance for 1 to 3 years! Appearing freshly cut, our preserved flowers are the ultimate luxury gift and require essentially no maintenance, meaning you can forget about fussing over sunlight and water. Featuring real roses that last over a year, our box is guaranteed to elicit feelings of joy long after it has been received.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Adrian Castillo

Small Velvet Roses - Blue Box

Matt Thomas

Gorgeous and stunning! Very happy that I ordered this birthday gift for my daughter in LA

Bruce Harris
Love the Smell

There's a large variety to chose from on their website. They arrive smelling actually nice but it will go in time.

Jimmy Sun
Totally worth the money in my opinion.

Tired of flowers dying or wilting within a few days? Well with The Million Roses, these roses stay fresh for a whole year!

Tony Vuong
Best place to order flower

My aunt LOVED the arrangement. This is the place to order flowers in LA. Thank you

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